Conrad Hall

Who we are? Where do we come from? Will I ever find a parking space in the center of Turin?
But above all: why choose imperfect?

We can’t answer all of these questions, but yes and no, you won’t find a parking space.

We said, why imperfect? We work with companies, brands, foundations, cultural and social institutions with a single goal: to generate value and social impact.

We like to unite worlds, narratives and ecosystems with a creative and transversal attitude, to create hybrid, original and innovative stories.
We take care of the projects we choose to carry out, and of the people we meet.

We work with seriousness and openness, but we don’t like doing it too seriously: we like to laugh, we like to have fun and we like lightness.
And between a call and a new brand strategy, we also organize events, exhibitions and installations.

We like to be surprised and to surprise: first we are enthusiastic about the stories they tell us and then we aim to make those who told us that story enthusiastic.

In short, we don’t want to create something perfect, we want to create something unique.

In imperfection we trust.




creative direction / brand management  / rebranding / rebranding  /  communication strategies / unconventional communication /  ATL & BTL campaigns / strategic consulting / interviews & reports


logo design / visual identity / creative direction / graphic and editorial design / infographic / illustration / packaging


web design / user experience / interface design  / digital marketing / web & app design / social media contents / social media management / e-commerce management / web development


pre-production and production / post-production / art direction / shooting / still life / reportage / commercial video / content video / video recap / motion graphics video


identity and tone of voice / naming / branded content / product content / copywriting / corporate payoff / headlines / claims / product tagline / cultural projects management / contest management and development


concept / strategy and consulting / format design / interior design / event design / exhibition / displays and showcases / instore experience / digital installations  / management of new openings / cultural events / unconventional events

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