Conrad Hall

imperfect is a communication and design studio founded in Turin in 2009 by Alberto Bonetti and Madeleine Frochaux.
We deal with digital communication strategies, visual identity, illustration and cultural design.

What distinguishes our work is the ethical and sustainable approach with which we approach it, which pushes us to select and privilege clients and projects that are similar to our values.
This choice, on the one hand, leads us to establish a direct and sincere relationship with customers and, on the other, to take care of each commission with passion.
In short, we only work on things we believe in.

In fact, our customers include numerous social enterprises and cultural associations that promote projects in support of the most fragile population groups, but also structured companies that rely on us for the development of communication campaigns and for the design of the visual identity of their more innovative products that have a positive impact on the environment or society.

Our principles are also reflected in the working method we adopt, careful not to standardize and homologate our projects to the dynamics and volatile trends of the moment, but to analyze these trends to theorize and put into practice unique and original strategies and products, capable to stand out and emerge from the sea magnum of images, campaigns and projects that pervade both digital and physical everyday life.

The name imperfect derives precisely from the oriental philosophy of wabi-sabi applied to design, that is the desire to break away from the idea of ​​absolute perfection to rediscover the beauty of an intuitive and spontaneous creation rich in originality in its changeability.
Imperfection as the desire to break away from a mechanical and slavish reproduction, perfect but always the same, of tested and homogenizing strategies in favor of creativity and originality.

“There is a kind of beauty in imperfection” – Conrad Hall

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